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Garnet is a naturally occurring gemstone. Its name comes from Latin `granatus` meaning seed, because it often resembles small round seeds when found in its matrix rock.

Garnet is a family of related minerals rather than a single gemstone. Some of which occur as gemstones. Each has a common crystal structure, and a similar chemical composition.

The popular understanding of garnet is as an inexpensive dark red stone. Because it is relatively common and inexpensive, it is often thought of as `only garnet`, and as being inferior.

Garnets are actually one of the largest families of gemstones. Most natural garnets are mixtures of two or more of the following pure species: pyrope, almandine, spessartine, uvarovite, grossular, andradite. Garnets occur in a very wide variety of formations, colors, and clarities. Garnets were so called by the ancient Greeks. This is because of the fact that color reminded them of the pomegranate seed or granatum. Garnets are a group of common silicate minerals that have similar crystal structures and chemical compositions. It can be translucent to transparent, sometimes opaque with a vitreous or resinous lustre. The best known type of garnet is red semi-precious stone pyrope, one of several red gems. The ancient people used to call this as Carbuncles.

Garnet, Gemstone
The versatile garnet comes in a virtual rainbow of colors, including pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, violet, green, colorless, occasionally black, brown and many shades of red and green. The most common color of garnets is reddish brown whereas the most prized garnet is an emerald green variety called demantoid and is a member of the adradite group.

The garnet is considered to be the birthstone for Capricornus or goat. The time ranges from the month of Dec 22 to Jan 19.

There are some major types of garnets. The names can be mentioned as Almandine, Pyrope also called Bohemian garnet, or Cape ruby, Spessartine, Grossular also called grossularite, or Gooseberry garnet, Andradite, Rhodolite, Carbuncle, Hessonite also called essonite, or Cinnamon stone, Topazolite, Uvarovite and Uralian emerald or demantoid.

Garnet should be cleaned with a dry soft cloth. As with all gemstones, care should be taken to protect it from scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Garnet can be called as one of the world`s most ancient gems; garnet has been treasured for thousands of years. From ancient times the artisans created beautiful garnet beads, bracelets and other jewelry. Since then Garnets are used widely as an abrasive. Garnets are said to have been used by Asiatic tribes in place of bullets. During the latter part of the 19th century, garnet bracelets and brooches were particularly popular. Most familiar during the peak of popularity were varieties of pyrope.

Garnet Pendant
The hardness of garnets and their sharp fracture make them suitable as abrasives for wood, leather, glass, metals, and plastics. Garnet is a reasonably priced stone. It is beautiful in rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. There are some beautiful orange garnets. A green tsavorite garnet is a very rare and high-priced stone. The dazzling beauty of garnets is responsible for their widespread use as gemstones.

Healing properties of Garnet: Garnet is an excellent assistance for blood deficiency diseases. It stimulates bloodstream and pituitary gland, relieves rheumatism and arthritis pain. Garnet combats depression and lethargy. Garnet also stimulates the spleen properly. It usually protects against depression and impure thoughts. This kind of gemstones cures fever and promotes good health. Garnet should be carried close to the body. Its energy is balancing and peaceful. This stone of passion stimulates the sexual drive. Garnet gives energy and courage. It is said to encourage robust good health and sexual desire. The stone also enhance the wearer`s imagination. Garnet symbolizes fire, faith, courage, truth, grace, compassion, constancy and fidelity. It also offers protection to the traveler. The Garnet is a stone of purity and truth as well as a symbol of love and compassion. The information released in a search may be painful, but it will always be what the searcher needs. The Garnet will help everyone`s security level and spiritual awareness. It can also help increase the sex drive.

The Garnet is known as the stone for a successful business. If someone`s business is not as good as it should be, one can just put three or more garnets on the desk. It is believed that if a garnet is put under a pillow it will cure depression. Garnets can be used to make a person popular and have self-esteem when worn as jewelry. It helps protect one on trips. Garnets bring constancy to friendships. Garnets are also known for stimulating success in business.