Monday, January 25, 2010


This gemstone namely Kunzite is a variety of crystalline spodumene i.e. a silicate of aluminum and lithium, generally of a lilac-pink hue, though yellow and green varieties are also common. If exposed to the sun, kunzite first loses its colour, then turns green and in time resumes its original hue. Small specimens tend to be colourless more than the bigger one. It must be cut in a special way and only in facets. It may be confused with morganite and pink tourmaline i.e. rubellite.

Kunzite, gemstone
Kunzite is a pink stone discovered early in the 20th century by a Tiffany`s gemologist, Dr. Kunz. It typically comes from the Afghanistan-Pakistan mountain region, and is treated by both heat and radiation. Some people call it as the evening stone, because the color fades when exposed to sunlight. Though, it would take many years of daily exposure to the sun to notice any kind of fade. It is believed that the color will remain for the natural life of the piece of jewelry when worn with care. From time immemorial pink has come to symbolize love, romance and marriage and so does the Pink Kunzite gemstone, which embodies eternal love. This stone is evolved from the mineral Spodumene, the Kunzite gem stone has been associated with various healing properties. Pink Kunzite gem stone, is believed to bestow its wearer with tremendous love and positive energy. At Rio Gems, the loose kunzite gemstone is available in an array of cuts from the classic oval to the modern cushion cut.

A kunzite gemstone is its vibrant best in larger sizes of minimum 8 carats. A pink Kunzite ring is ideally worn to keep the mind calm and attract good luck. A kunzite loose gemstone, with its gleaming violet tinge, is mostly symbolic of peace and harmony and is believed to heal broken hearts. The kunzite gemstone can be cut in a single blow like the diamond. This is very delicate, making it a fashion favorite for indoor events. These dainty gemstones are always in vogue, just like the color pink.

Darker colors of this stone are produced by cutting them at certain angles but Kunzite being susceptible to chips makes the cutting proposition rather difficult. Therefore, the deeper the shade, the more expensive it gets. A negative point of this stone is that it loses its color when placed under harsh light. So it should not be exposed to sunlight for a length of time.

Kunzite Pendant
While buying this Gemstone one should pay attention to the color first and then go for the clarity. The lilac or purple Kunzites score over the pink ones. Kunzite shows properties of pleochroism, as 2 or more colors are seen from the various angles of the stone. This is used mainly in pendants and usually not used for necklaces and rings. It is also employed to make chunky decorative pieces as big stones can be afforded easily. It is believed to have certain medicinal properties like inducing mental calm, reducing mental exertion and anxiety. This gemstone with its beautiful color, crystalline appearance and restorative qualities is sure to tug the hearts of a million people.

Its hardness is fairly good, and this is mentioned in between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale. To the chagrin of the cutters, however, this gem has perfect cleavage and is thus extremely difficult to cut. It has been said that once it is given its final shape, it becomes uncomplicated. But it is very difficult to re-cut. Cut kunzite surprises even experts again and again with its brilliance. The silvery gloss on its facets forms a beautiful contrast to the fine violet-pink of the gemstone. In the trade, kunzite is available in many beautiful cuts. It is one of the gems which are available in relatively large sizes at affordable prices. The more intense the color, the more valuable the kunzite is. The question of whether the color should tend more or less strongly towards violet will depend on the personal preference and skin type.

This gemstone with its fine, delicate pink is not only an ideal precious stone for lovers, it is also popular as a healing stone. Kunzite is said to enhance a person`s capacity for devotion and understanding and to bestow inner peace and enjoyment on its wearer. It is said to activate the mind and liberate the wearer from worry and anxiety, it is an excellent gemstone for those suffering from strain or exam nerves. Whether or not one actually believes in these positive effects, one thing is certain that its fine pink with a hint of violet radiates a serene composure and keeps moods of depression and anxiety at bay right from the outset.